Workshop on Alternative Research Methodologies V

The fifth SEASREP-Sephis training workshop on Alternative Research Methodologies will take place in the Philippines on 17-28 October 2011. The workshop aims to provide PhD students from the South an opportunity to strengthen the theoretical and methodological quality of their work under the guidance of experienced researchers from the South. Two weeks of lectures and discussions, knowledge building, and individual tutorials on research proposals will enable the participants to redesign their research project, improve their proposal and enhance their research capabilities.

Workshop Programme
The workshop will consist of two parts: the lecture and discussion portion, and the revision of research proposals.
The lectures will focus on two methods: rereading the archives, and orality and oral techniques. Readings determined by the lecturers will be sent to participants ahead of the workshop to maximize the time for discussion. Participants will submit brief reaction papers to the readings a month prior to the workshop, for distribution and discussion during the workshop proper. The lecturers may divide the participants into groups or assign individual participants to lead the discussion. Discussions are envisioned to be open and free, as participants are expected to examine the readings in light of their own situation and research experiences, share their insights, and draw out comparisons across countries and regions in the South.
The second part of the workshop will begin with a presentation by participants of their preliminary proposals in order to solicit comments from lecturers and co-participants that will help them improve their proposals. The presentation will be followed by individual tutorial sessions in which experienced researchers will comment on the participants’ PhD proposals. Participants will then be given two days to revise their proposals.
The workshop will conclude with a presentation by the participants of their revised proposals, with a commentator assigned to each panel of participants.
The workshop will be conducted in English; readings will also be in English.