African American to Liberia - 1820-1904

Detailed information on 15,000+ African-American emigrants to Liberia
Canbe found at the recently launched website:
While access to the site is free of charge, news users are required to register. The database includes information on birth year (where available), town/country of origin, state of origin (including "IndianTerritories"), denominational affiliation, family relations among emigrants, destination in Liberia, ships on which they travelled, and year of emigration. The many fea tures of the site can be best experienced by searching for "Hilary Teage" or "John Brown Russwurm," for example. Their pages include genealogical links and maps showing locations where they lived, as well as other information and images. Over time, similarly detailed information will be added for as many persons in the database as possible.

Given its interactive features, offers intriguing possibilities as a teaching tool. If incorporated into historical methods seminars or state history courses, it would enable students to examine national (and even global) trends at a local level. In so doing, it would help help them concretize the life choices faced. By historical actors within the constrains of their place and time. History faculty interested in incorporating the site into courses should address inquiries to